Be correctly informed.

Make the right career decisions.

Transform your career with the right decision.

The role of an Assistant, has dramatically evolved over the course of the past decade. This can even be seen in the titles themselves.

Gone are the days of being a ‘back-office secretary’. An Office Support career now offers a rewarding path of promotions, skill-set growth and opportunities to truly impact the success of a company.

Key things to think about when commencing, or continuing down your Office Support career path:

  • Starting your career in an Office Support capacity will allow you to learn how a business operates from the ground up. All Office Support positions are focused on structure, process, operations and relationships.
  • Interested in a particular department but not sure where to start? Commencing as an Assistant in a HR, Marketing or Legal function will equip you with an understanding of how that ‘world’ works. Additionally, you will gain technical skill-set’s relevant to that space and build experience that will set you up for promotion in due course.
  • You start your career in Office Support – and it turns out you LOVE it. The sky is now your limit! Focus on building out your skills in managing an office, an executive or a team.
  • Of late, many Office Support positions are encompassing technical responsibilities that historically would have been left to a more senior, or qualified candidate. Examples of this include staff management, complex PowerPoint presentations or budget reports, negotiating vendor contracts, managing business critical projects, and assisting with change management strategies.
  • The role of Executive Assistant to the CEO has long been known as the pinnacle of an Office Support career. Now some Assistants are taking this to the next step. Progression to a Business Manager, Chief of Staff, Head of Administration or Company Secretary role whilst not common, has certainly become possible.

At Assistant Sydney we can advise you on all of these trends and the potential impact on you personally.

The decisions you make about your job will have lifelong consequences on your career and happiness.

I want a career in Office Support – how do I keep progressing?

Focus on being self-aware: 

  • What are my current technical skill sets?
  • How is my personality defined and what are my behavioural characteristics?
  • How am I branded by the organisations that I have already worked for?
  • What sort of culture enables me to thrive?


Focus on opportunity-awareness:

  • What career possibilities are available to you?
  • What technical competencies must you develop in order to progress?
  • What industry and type of organisation do you need to work for in order to progress?

We will talk you through the above and combine your personal ideals, experience and education to ensure we assist you with planning your next move.