Accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are now used on a daily basis, and widely considered the most popular social media accounts. How do these impact your job search as a candidate? Why are they important to have, and maintain?


These days it is not uncommon for hiring managers to turn to social media accounts when wanting to assess potential talent, and determine whether to meet or consider a candidate. Why?

  • Viewing a social media profile is an easy way to know who you will be encountering once you are sitting opposite each other at a desk (or over a skype call) – besides the trusty resume.
  • It allows you to check the facts. LinkedIn plays a big part in allowing the hiring manager or recruiter to check the facts against your CV.
  • Your network. Seeing who your mutual connections are, what posts you have liked, the companies you follow all give an indication as to who you are – and might even create a relevant ice-breaker topic.
  • The professionalism of your online presence. Do you hold your communication in high regard and engage with others in the online community in a manner expected of employees of said potential future employer?


Today, LinkedIn is pretty much your online resume. It is the ‘go to’ tool when wanting to check the facts. There are many benefits that come from having a LinkedIn profile – as it is a professional networking platform. It is an opportunity to create, build and foster relationships. You may meet someone at a networking event and have a good conversation with them, connect with them – and then see years later that they now work at a company you have applied for a role with!

It is crucial to have all the facts right and be honest with your profile. In today’s world – everyone is somehow connected. For example, a potential hiring manager may know personally a Manager at your former company, and as such reach out to them for an unofficial reference check. Do your best to leave each role in a positive way, and do not under any circumstance lie or include false information on any online profile.

To achieve an “All Star” profile status, you will to include as much relevant content on there as possible.

  • Include a profile photo and cover photo
  • Include your industry and its location
  • Update your current position with a brief description of what you do in that role
  • Contain at least 2 – if not all relevant past positions
  • List all your education – school, university, college, diplomas
  • Feature a minimum of 3 skills
  • Start with 50 connections in your network – over time this will grow

It is also worthwhile noting here, that in today’s technology driven society; it is getting to the point where more questions are raised by you not having a LinkedIn profile versus having one. Our world is becoming more digitised by the day, and if you don’t keep up you will be left behind. It is important to demonstrate you are up to date with current trends in technology and networking – your LinkedIn profile is evidence of this.


Instagram and Facebook have been around for a long time. Translation? There is probably a photo from your 18th birthday that your CEO doesn’t need to see, or a comment you posted on your friend’s wall full of inappropriate words and acronyms. Current or future employees or employers could come across the smallest detail that could hinder your opportunity to interview for the job you really want, or that promotion you’ve been hanging out for. Most of the time you won’t have the chance to explain yourself, so it is better to remove any risk.


  • It is imperative to have a LinkedIn profile, keep updating it and stay active on it. From experience, if you don’t have a professional social media presence, or even just a social media presence – you become less desirable as a candidate.
  • Put your Facebook and Instagram on private – especially if you are looking for a new role! They still count as a professional social media presence, even if the only thing you can see is your profile photo.
  • Use your social accounts to your advantage! Being an avid user of LinkedIn myself, I’ve learnt firsthand the benefits that come with connecting. I’ve kept up to date with the daily activities my clients get up to, which is a great conversation topic for our next meeting. I’ve observed CEO and Executive Assistant movements between companies – again a great topic in conversation, but it is also a guide as to how the market is constantly changing. I’ve read influential and motivational articles that allow me to expand and build my knowledge. Whether it be through LinkedIn or Facebook, all posts are created to inform or share an opinion in real time, all of which in turn educate you.

Since commencing my career in Recruitment I’ve come to learn about all the benefits of having a professional social media presence. Whilst in University, LinkedIn to me was ‘just a website’, that was similar to Facebook but definitely not as interesting! Now, the tables have turned, and I truly see the value of it! I encourage any university students reading this to take full advantage of LinkedIn now. Look at the job opportunities being posted, learn about the corporate world, and start connecting with your community. You have nothing to lose, as long as you do so professionally!

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