Many organisations in Sydney utilise contracting and temporary Office Support staff in a structured way to manage their workforce. Many individuals also choose temporary or contract employment as a lifestyle choice – and as such are contributing to ‘The Gig Economy’. The emergence of this in Australia has driven change in the acceptance and flexibility related to a candidate’s background on paper, and as such has influenced a confidence in emerging workers to embrace the opportunities present in this space. It has been reported that Office Support is the third largest area of demand for contracting resources in Australia, after design and creative (second) and web, mobile and software development (first).

Key demand drivers for contracting include:

  • Peak periods of business operations
  • Periods of business uncertainty / headcount restrictions
  • Project work
  • Strategy reviews
  • Systems upgrades
  • Annual leave 
  • Parental leave
  • Sick leave

The Office Support market in particular is renowned for driving contracting vacancies ranging from one day to twelve months in duration.


Considering contract staff could be a sound option for your firm if you have a need similar to the above, or would like an alternate option to sourcing expertise from tier one firms and competitors on a permanent search basis.


For job seekers, contracting could be an attractive option to consider if you:

  • Are searching for a permanent position, and would like to add to your skill-set whilst doing so;
  • Value flexibility in your work schedule;
  • Enjoy variety (people/ cultures/ environments/
  • Have availability that is limiting i.e. you are heading
    overseas, or going on maternity leave.

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