From a job seekers’ perspective, it is fair to say there are mixed opinions when it comes to the benefits of utilising a recruitment agency. If you secured your dream job through a recruitment firm who was professional, transparent and encouraging throughout the whole process; we have no doubt you would recommend them on! If on the other hand, you have been through an experience with a firm that would call you about irrelevant roles, perhaps mis-managed a salary negotiation or quite frankly, had poor customer service, you would likely not.

In my opinion, it is essential that you complement your personal job search with the support of a recruitment firm. In saying that, it must be the right one! My advice is you should identify a firm that speaks to your personal values, one you can trust and know has a credible track record operating in your chosen market. There are many reasons why utilising a recruitment firm could aid in your job search, below are just a few.


A good recruitment firm will advise you how to position yourself in the market

The employment market specifically for Office Support talent in Sydney is very dynamic and incredibly competitive. The goal posts are constantly changing! If you have not been actively looking for a new role for some time, your perception as to what is ‘normal’ may be skewed. Specialist recruiters will meet upwards of 10-15 candidates per week, with similar skillsets to yourself. They will also meet multiple hiring managers. This volume of work alone equips them with the knowledge to accurately consult you as to your strengths and weaknesses in contrast to available opportunities. Furthermore, specialised recruitment firms will also leverage their expertise, time in market and networks to provide you with accurate advice. This is relevant to:

  • Remuneration – are you under-selling or over-selling your skillset? Are you on par?
  • Your experience – how does your tenure and industry exposure stack up against other candidates? 
  • Seniority – does the market consider you ready to take that next step? Are you setting yourself up for success with the role you are targeting?

You will have greater access to opportunities

Every role that is available on market, is not advertised on market. Often positions are placed via a recruitment firm without ever reaching a job board! This can be due to time sensitivity, the confidential nature of a hire or the level of the role. As a registered candidate, you would have access to consider these positions.

Additionally, in the case of large corporates, most have a preferred supplier panel. This is referring to a contract that exists between the business and the recruitment firm; for provision of their services. A large corporate will often have one, or only a few firms that they reach out to in order to fill a role, often avoiding a direct process themselves. To contend for these roles, you need to be a candidate of the agency.

In short, by working with a sound recruitment firm you should increase the exposure you get to large corporates and be able to contend for roles you might not have been aware of otherwise.

They will provide you with interview advice and coaching

For some, interviewing can be quite a daunting experience. A professional recruitment firm will be able to provide you with sound coaching, tips and advice regarding interview techniques. They should help you:

  • Prepare for the interview. What information will the hiring manager be looking for? How should you dress? What will the style be?
  • Address your nerves. What techniques can you put in place?
  • Understand your feedback. If you are progressing, what do you need to focus on in the second round? If you are not, what are the reasons behind why, and how can you work on them moving forward?

Like anything, preparation is key and having an extra helping hand can make the world of difference.

Your understanding of potential future employers will be greater

A professional recruitment firm will meet their client in person, onsite at their offices and discuss the hire in detail. They will be able to tell you about:

  • The environment
  • The culture
  • The leadership team
  • The benefits
  • The history of the particular role
  • Staff turnover
  • Company results and strategy

This context will equip you with the information required to make an educated decision when it comes to joining them or not. Often when applying for a role on SEEK – you are going in blind!


Searching for your next dream role is an emotionally tiring process. Gaining and utilising a professional and supportive recruitment firm can only help ease this burden, and ultimately increase your chances of landing that next role!

Assistant Sydney is a boutique recruitment firm that specialises purely in Office Support. Day in, day out, our expert team provide advice, guidance and strategy to our candidates to assist them in gaining the best results from their job search.

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